• Training & Presentations on Business culture

    The mistake most western companies make today is to see Africa as one big country. Cultural differences directly impact on the profitability of a business, making the knowledge of the impact of cultural differences within this diverse and rather complex continent a must. At Afrika Consultancy we offer cross cultural training sessions accordingly.

  • Agent

    We distribute or find the right distribution partners for you. We also connect European designers to producers of quality goods in African leathers, skin, stone and wood. PS: We are jumping on the bandwagon of Sustainable development goal number 5 – Women Empowerment, through focusing on connecting esteemed female producers from Africa to European/Nordic markets

  • Investor round tables & Business seminars

    We periodically provide educational forums for the presentation and exchange of financial, economic and business information to assist investors to make sound investment decisions.

  • Feasibility studies

    We conduct feasibility studies where we analyse the ability to complete a project successfully, taking into account legal, economic, technological and other relevant factors.

  • Implementation

    In collaboration with our highly qualified local partners, we are able to implement and run projects for you locally as per your need.

  • Effective Partner Allocations

    We identify your potential partners in your preferred Sub-Saharan African market.

  • Strategy Solutions

    To succeed in any market, every business needs a tailor-made and sound country/market specific strategy. At Afrika Consultancy we offer thorough and specific strategy solutions.

  • Market research

    We can provide you with a comprehensive and tailor-made market research report prior to your decision to enter an African market.

  • Recruitment Services

    In collaboration with our network of diverse local recruitment agencies, we can find you your right local employee

  • Tender identification & Applications

    We can identify local tenders for you and guide you with writing a potentially successful response.